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Generate your own styles using the latest AI models. Your imagination is the limit.

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$0 /month
API Limited accesss
Shared pre-existing styles
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$10 /month
50k API calls
1 Reserved style
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$30 /month
200k API calls
Custom styles
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What is infinite avatar AI? provides a set of avatars with a unique style. Use them to populate your app or to fill your designs.

We provide an API endpoint for fast and seamless integration with any application. For a given seed, you will always receive the same image, so each seed will always be assigned to the same image. Alternatively, you can download all the images of your style as a .zip folder and keep them forever to serve them from your own server.

Do you have documentation for the API?

Access the API documentation here. We use the best practices and latest standards.

As simple as the following:

curl ''\

What happens after I have paid?

You will receive an email in the next 24 hours with an API key to have full access to the bundle of images.

What is the technology behind?

Each image is generated using a stable-siffusion-based model, built on top of a infrastructure ready to scale with your needs.

Can I get a refund?

Of course. Let us know what went wrong and we immediately will make a refund.